MKMMA Press Release. Darren Hardy interviews Jennifer Cosgrave for Success From Home Magazine January 2020.

“Wow, what a day”, Darren says as I finally sit down in the great room. My glass of wine perfectly chilled sits on the rustic coffee table. Darren goes toward the fireplace with more wood he has brought in from our wood stack. I nod and give a sly, ‘you are my super hot man smile’ as I watch him methodically arrange the wood on the fire. I take my first sip of wine, the medley of flavorful grapes tickle my mouth. I instantly think of a book I read but a few years ago by Og Mandino, this has become a habit every time I see, smell or taste wine. I inhale deeply and look around at our legacy home. It took 2 years to build our home exactly the way we planned and WOW was it worth it. We have only been living here for 6 months and every morning it feels like the first, like Christmas morning. Just a few short years ago, we were still on Stone Street, and now we have ample room for our four daughters to each have a bedroom, as well as a guest suite where family and friends are welcome to stay.

Ahhhhh... Our inviting living room.
Ahhhhh… Our inviting living room.

Our great room sits right off the kitchen, my most favorite part of the house. I glance over and the granite counters glisten and sparkle as the light from the fire reflects throughout the space. I see our Viking stove where Darren loves to make breakfast for his girls and the center island which is typically bustling with kids crafts, homework or afternoon snacking.

Darren takes his place next to me and we cozy up on the soft leather couch, watching the fire dance. The smell of the wood burning is now coursing throughout our home. “What a day is right, I can’t believe we were just interviewed… and by individuals with such prestige and respect in our professional community”, I say, still in awe of our accomplishments.

It all started early this morning, it was a seasonably cold December day and we were preparing for an interview that would be taking place that afternoon at our Legacy home in Bedford, NY. Darren and I would get the kids ready for school, go to our favorite breakfast cafe, and then work a bit in our home offices. We had separate office spaces since we just couldn’t agree on the office decor and let’s face it, I can’t get much work done when I’m in his presence. I make some calls, one to GiGi’s Playhouse to check in on the new site coordinator and another call to a NYC foundation that has approved our Grant for Cosgrave Academy, a school for gifted and special needs children to live and study together as an inclusive campus life, with plans to have a separate adult living community with all amenities, dining, social life and work opportunities abound.

“Jenn, it’s 12:00, we should wrap it up soon. The crew will be getting here around 1 to set up”. Darren says as he peeks into my office through the adjoining door.

One o’clock rolls around and right on cue, the trucks pull in our circular driveway. The tree lined driveway looks gorgeous in the cold winter months. Our holiday decorations were just completed during the week, which make our home seem even more inviting and beautiful. A grin comes across my face as I look over at Darren standing near the front doorway about to greet our visitors. “Are you ready babe?” He says sharing my immense enthusiasm about what the rest of the day holds for us. I look out again and there are two elegant cars and two large box trucks in our drive. I give myself a quick composure check “I Freakin’ Rock” and nod to D, “Yep, let’s go”!…..

[caption id="attachment_45" align="alignnone" width="262"]The front of our house, picture taken from the local Holiday House Tour we were involved in this year to benefit GiGi's Playhouse. The front of our house, picture taken from the local Holiday House Tour we were involved in this year to benefit GiGi’s Playhouse.

Part II

As I pull up to the home of my November 2020 cover photo shoot for Success From Home Magazine, I am in awe of the beauty of my surroundings. The tree lined drive and the beautiful home I am approaching gives me the feeling of immediate comfort. “What a breathtaking home” I say to my editor Steve, sitting beside me. “I have been looking forward to meeting the Cosgrave’s since I heard about their story”. Steve smiles “I remember when you first heard about them too. The amount of challenges early in Jennifer’s life, surely would’ve made many young ladies give up their fight for finding true happiness. She truly is a beacon of hope for many young people today living in a life of abuse and poverty… Couple that with her fierce advocacy for individuals with Down Syndrome, and any special needs, and it’s no wonder she has schools named after their family”. “Okay let’s go see what this family is all about”

As I get out of the car, leaving Steve tending to some emails on his phone, the scent of wood burning is greeting my senses. I notice one of the four chimneys of the Cosgrave home is billowing with soft gray smoke. I absolutely love the smell of burning wood from a fireplace. I grin. As I look toward the front door I noticed a well dressed, stunningly gorgeous couple emerge from the home, both poking and giggling to each other, and instantly I can tell these two are my newest story. The love they give off is palpable. I walk toward them, my grin getting bigger as we approach each other.

“You must be Jennifer and Darren Cosgrave” I say extending my hand for some formal shake “I’m Darren Hardy, it’s so nice to finally meet you”.

“Great to meet you too” Darren Cosgrave says accepting my handshake.

“I’m Jenn, and I’m a hugger” with that, Jenn embraces me in a hug, one that you would get from your granny after she’s been away too long and just gets off the plane for a visit with you. “We’ve been excited about this day for weeks, come on inside, let’s get you something warm to drink and we can get started”.

I follow Darren and Jenn into their home, they are still giggling and this time holding hands. Not that fake hand holding either, that you see people do for show. Real hand holding, tight, firm and with passion. I can tell I am in for one interesting afternoon. I motion to Steve who is just emerging from the car with a triumphant look of someone who has temporarily completed all email and voicemail responses from their smart phone. I can tell he thinks he is ready for another interview…. Little does he know, this is not just another interview.

Part III

We sit down in the great room, after the Cosgrave’s finish giving us a tour of their home. A gorgeous young woman brings us tea, in beautifully hand painted Irish tea cups and saucers.

“Thanks, Siobhan” Darren says lovingly to his daughter, now 18 years old.
“Darren Hardy, this is our eldest, Siobhan, she is studying abroad next year, a dream of ours was to be able to send our girls to college for a year in Ireland, give them some deep rooted culture”.

“Nice to meet you Darren”. Siobhan says “And yes, I will be studying at Trinity College in Dublin come fall 2020, I’m so excited”. She turns to Jenn “Granny and I are off to the city for some shopping, see you guys tomorrow”.

“Take the Denali, it may snow tomorrow and I’m sure you ladies will need all that cargo space for your packages, remember that we have the GiGis Playhouse Christmas Celebration next weekend, so if you could go to FAO Schwartz and speak with Chris he will help you pick out the presents for the wish tree. Make sure he has the address for the playhouse for delivery by Thursday”. Jenn gives Siobhan a crooked smile and a wink “Make sure you get yourself something for getting on the National Honor Society again”

“It was nice meeting you, Siobhan”. I say as Siobhan collects the keys from the hook by the garage. “Enjoy the city”.

Jenn begins to get a little emotional. Her face clearly looking like she is about to cry. “Excuse me for my sensitivity”. She says, wiping a tear that has slowly escaped onto her cheek. “I have always had the desire for abundance and to show my family and friends the belief that they can pursue their bliss” another tear escapes down her other cheek “I found my way through the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance and I couldn’t have accomplished all this without it”.

I look over at Steve, who is feverishly writing notes about the occurrences already unfolding. I’m glad he is here taking it all in on paper. It’s time to begin getting to know how this woman and the generational wealth she created for her family.

Part IV

I decide to start from the beginning. Jenn’s beginning. How exactly did she emerge from the childhood of emptiness and sorrow to this altruistic benevolent giver.

“Jenn, I can see that this Mastermind Experience that you speak about played an enormous role in where you are today, your emotions speak volumes. Can we take a giant leap backwards for a minute? I want to get a little background of your childhood, I think it’s important that the readers understand where you came from”.

Jenn looks out the window and then at Darren, who is sitting by her side, still holding her hand. “Sure, I understand the relevance”. She paused, composed herself and spoke again “I grew up in Florida, with my mom and several of her abusive acquaintances. My father and mother split up when I was about 6, shortly after they moved from New York to Florida. My father went back to NY and we stayed with my mom.
At 16, after being pulled out of school by police to investigate child abuse allegations called in by our landlord, I decided that the years of physical, emotional and other abuses weren’t part of a normal childhood and moved in with my father in NY. I knew then my life was destined for something ‘better’.”

Jenn smiled and proceeded.
“I went on to college then chiropractic school and after a few years practicing I really started to become successful. I really enjoyed marketing and getting to know people and finding ways to make them feel better… So much so that my tag line was ‘Want to feel better, come see Dr. Netter’. Networking at events became simply part of my personality. I thrived in those settings. And then I met my Perfect Compliment, Darren, while building out a space for a second office. Between 2010-2014, I was part of an investigation against an old employer which pretty much wrecked any financial security I had created. Put my home in jeopardy of foreclosure, depleted all retirement and other savings and left me with a new family and no income. Then, in 2011, my practice of chiropractic would take on a whole new meaning after the birth of my second daughter, Ruari, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Knowing how important her first years of life are for determining her abilities later in life, I was determined to make sure my precious angel would receive any and every therapy or alternative healthcare measure she could receive. You see, we believe that you are not governed by your genetic makeup or by hereditary traits, your traits can be manifested differently based on your environment, the foods you eat, the way you think and following an alternative healthcare regiment. Today, Ruari is a gorgeous 8 year old girl, completely mainstreamed in Montessori school, extracurricular activities with same aged peers and she is daily surprising people she meets with her abilities and unconditional love for all things. I call her my little advocate”

I shift in my chair, trying to digest all the challenges put in this woman’s path, and amazed by her unending positive attitude. “I’m still working through what you said, and that you still have love for all humanity. Where did your strength come from? And how did that bring you to where you are today?”

A smile comes across Jenn’s face, so big it makes her eyes into small almonds and her cheeks resemble a squirrel storing nuts for the winter… “I have always had this innate ability to find the silver lining”. She looks over at Darren, who is nodding his head in agreement, and he chimes in “She is the most positive person I have ever met, she has helped me through many hard situations in my life. And her unconditional affection and optimism have been one of the most foundational characteristics for our relationship”.

Jenn chimes in “However, it wasn’t until I started the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance, Mark Januszewski’s Pay It Forward course in Fall 2014, that it all started to solidify into direct manifestation of what I wanted, what I truly dreamed my future to be. Now, not only did I think I could be what I wanted, I had the means by which to make it happen!” Jenn’s voice became loud and definite.

I see the passion in her eyes, and I am eager to dive into this Master Keys breakthrough. I mean, if this is true, we could have a revolution of doers instead of a society of followers. I look over Jenn’s shoulder and notice the sun is setting. I feel like I just started this conversation and that I have so much more to talk about. I could spend many more hours getting to know this family and yet I know I need to get to the point. So I ask, the question I have been waiting to ask all afternoon.. “Ok, so what exactly is this Master Keys Master Mind Alliance all about?”

There is a quiet pause and then I am dazzled…

Part V

Jenn grins again, that grin that lights up her face. “MKMMA… Well its…” She pauses, looks over at Darren, her eyes well up “it’s a life saver. It takes everyday people and with a lot of hard work, and self discipline, facilitates them to actually create the life they desire”. She looks around her great room pausing at different areas obviously absorbing her surroundings. “All of this, everything in this home was all imagined, carefully thought up while I was going through the session. Even our very conversation with you, Darren, was imagined. Carefully constructed. And here we are today”.

I sat back on the couch, I’m confused. Did she say that this very interview was thought up many years prior? I’m silent, and visibly perplexed. I place my arm on the armrest, the softness of the leather inviting me to get comfortable. “Did you say this interview was thought up before we even reached out to you to do this piece?”

“Yup” Jenn says in a very matter of fact tone. “You see, when you combine the work of Haanel, Og Mandino, Emmerson and many of the other great books of their kind and use them as tools, as workbooks per sey, instead of just reading them once then putting them on a shelf; something magical happens”. She shifts and sits back into the couch. “You start to practice their way of life, creating habits, committing to a definite major purpose, eliminating negativity, professing your love for all mankind, being opinion less… Actually being the Observer, and suddenly circumstances are provided for you to manifest your bliss”.

Now I’m impressed. I have read all those authors books, sometimes multiple times, but never have I used them in the manner she is speaking. “So through this Master Key Master Mind Alliance, with this guy nicknamed the lazy networker, Mark J, you actually practiced what these books spoke about?”

There’s that grin again, it’s like she knows I’m totally intrigued. “Well, practice I would say is an understatement. You see we were given specific steps to follow daily, some actions were three times a day. Each day was at least one hour of time to read, do mental exercises and participate in specific social media split up over the course of the day, not to mention being on mental diets where we were to eliminate all opinions and negative thoughts. It is super intense.” She looks around again. “Oh, and it’s Pay-It-Forward, so each participant who gets chosen to be involved has the choice of how much to pay forward for the next class. It’s brilliant.”

Jenn’s eyes glisten. “When I started this course, my family was like most Americans, living paycheck to paycheck, too much month left at the end of the money. And after going through this course and really defining my Major purpose we are living the life we dreamed about. We built our Legacy Farmhouse with ample room for our four daughters as well as space for family to come visit, we drive the cars we want, we will send our daughters to college they chose, we are very active in the Down Syndrome community, we travel when and where we want and we have created a trust fund for Ruari our youngest so she is well taken care of. It’s literally our dreams come true!”

I look over at Darren, still sitting with his hand on Jenn’s shoulder. He has this sincere glow about him. A man truly in love with a woman who is equally affectionate towards him. What a refreshing couple. And with the wealth they have achieved, I know this won’t be my only interview with them. I break from the trance of their awe “Wow, Jenn, that sounds like a tremendous opportunity. Where can the readers get more information on this transformational program?”

“It’s Master Key Mastermind Alliance, Mark Januszewski. I highly recommend you enroll in the program. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Well, this was by far one of the most inspirational stories I have heard to date.” I glance over at Steve, who gives me a nod, letting me know we need to wrap it up. “My time here is almost up, seeing as I have a flight out in nearly two hours. Please get me the information for your upcoming GiGi’s Playhouse Golf Outing so I can plan on participating. And forward over some sponsorship information as well. I will keep in touch, I know we will hear more great things from the Cosgrave’s in the future.” I begin to stand up. “It was extraordinary meeting you, Jenn and Darren Cosgrave”.

“Likewise, Mr. Hardy”. Darren extends his had for a shake as we all stand in the Great Room. “It was a real pleasure to have you in our home”.

As we approach the door, and complete our goodbyes, Jenn once again thanks me for the opportunity to share their story and gives me a hug goodbye. I will forever be changed by this family. A story of a woman who believes in her family’s future so strongly that she enrolled in an intensive 6 month course in self discovery and from that course creates her bliss. Truly an Epic story.


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