About Jennifer

First, I am a mother of four daughters… 13 year old Siobhan, 9 year old Ciara, 4.5 year old Aine and 3 year old Ruari. They are truly my inspiration to be all I will to be, thereby empowering them to innately follow their bliss.

I was a chiropractor, until the birth of my youngest Ruari, who has Down Syndrome. She has inspired me to become an advocate for her and many other children who have special needs. I strongly believe in Epigenetics. Therefore we follow an elimination of GMOs, an alternate vaccine schedule, eat primarily organic, pasture raised, raw foods and avoid antibiotics. Following these dietary and environmental measures we will effect how our genetic codes manifest themselves in outward traits. I believe that all children deserve the right to inclusion school life as long as it safely fits within their daily life. After-all, school should be a complete representation of what their post graduate life is like, and since communities will include all races, cultures and physical intellectual abilities… Schools should prepare us to live inclusively as well.

Currently I am a Never-At-Home mom, sharing in the Network Marketing professions super flexible schedule and lucrative compensation plan, with my perfect compliment Darren, soon to be hubby. I am sincerely grateful for my blessings and abundance. My heart glows with love daily.


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