MKMMA Week 26… Decisions, decisions…

So, you are probably wondering, what did I decide to do about my conflict of thoughts from last week. Which path did I choose? It took some thought, some intense sitting involving my DMP and some conversation with my Fiancé. The issue that I needed some universal guidance with was whether I should begin taking over our two family and convert back into a single family home.

When one of our tenants upstairs let us know he would be moving out, we thought OK, here’s our chance to begin taking over, and let the other tenants know our plans for the house.

Here is the reasoning in SUPPORT of takeover now… You see we are a family of four most days and a family of six when my stepdaughters are with us.  Our plans to take over the house would convert our space we live in from a three bedroom (the kids bedrooms are adjoined so there’s not a lot of privacy) into a five bedroom and we would double our square footage of living space. Having our older two (a 14 year old and a 10 year old) they don’t always want to be in the mix of toys and nuttiness involved in our 5 and 3.5 year old. This lack of privacy has effected our time with the older girls since there are weekends they would be scheduled to be with us, however they want a peaceful weekend and their mom will let them choose to stay with her.

And that brings us to the reasoning AGAINST taking over now… When Darren and began our little family, I was still a practicing Chiropractor, and was making a good living. The hours were not really conducive to raising a young family and my previous boss had created a situation which I had to discontinue working there. And then the birth of my youngest, Ruari, who has Down Symdrome. At that point I was home with my youngest full time, navigating the world of having a baby with special needs needing 8 services a week, and keeping up with a very active toddler. We accrued HUGE debt and fell behind during those 3 years of transition. This past September both girls were accepted into Montessori, and began full time schooling. With the help of my intense sitting, dedication to my MKMMA exercises and reads, I was offered a position in my current field of Special Education, a journey in a new Career field that I became intensely passionate about. We are currently working our way out of the financial situation we are in and taking over the house would be a decrease of $1900 a month.

My Definite Major Purpose states “By December 1, 2016, we covert Stone Street back into a single family for ourselves to live… YAY SPACE”. After digesting our reasons and the words in my DMP, we decided to rent again, for a one year term, utilize the income to continue to pay down our debt and financial obligations and put ourselves in a position to be ready for the conversion next summer (summer 2016).. Still well within our DMPs time frame.

I want to thank my MKMMA alliances, and I am grateful for this wonderful beginning on a journey of creating my future self. I have the ability to Create that which I DESIRE. To have a roadmap to getting there (My DMP) and have the knowledge of HOW to get there using the skills taught to use during this journey.

How much lighter I feel day to day, as the pressures of the world do not rest on my shoulders. No feelings of lack, poverty, failure, self-doubt, illness or despair. All substituted with feelings of Abundance, Success, Power, Health, and Privilege as practiced with the law of Substitution. Knowing that I control my future, it’s not left up to a whim, or a predetermined path. It’s my life and I’m going to ROCK it!!!


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