MKMMA Week 23…. Scared of my DMP!

Did I say scared??  Yes, I did!  This is frightening!  As my life’s Purpose really starts to unfold and things that I want to happen begin to occur, I am feeling that old blueprint tugging me back into the old life.  Telling me I can’t live that life…  That I am not capable of affording it… Ugh, SHUT UP!  So I rely on My affirmations… My Recordings… My Scrolls.  I remind myself of Haanel and Lesson 10.  Nature is abundant, lavish, wasteful.  That I need to Take Possesion of my Castle.  Assert my claim.  Remember that the things I seek will seek me.

These things all started to become obvious the other day.  You see, part of my DMP was to be able to convert our two family back into a one family, so that our family could spread out and have some more space.  Well, one of our 3 tenants came to us to let us know he was moving out.  Instantly I felt like our purpose was truly unfolding.  But wait… (Cue creepy music). My old blueprint is lurking in the shadows… Filling my head with ‘What ifs’… What if we can’t afford losing the rental income, what if one of us loses our jobs…  ‘What if, what if, what if???  Then I remember that what I think about grows… And what I ignore atrophies.  Cue my musical recordings, my blueprint builder, seven laws, scrolls.


So what is my choice?  Follow through on my DMP?  Keep my promises?  What am I pretending not to know?  What would the person I intend to become do now?  I think it’s getting late… Time for my nightly readings and a good nights sleep.  Will reframe myself in the am.  Thanks for listening.  Good night to all, and may you have visions of your future self dancing in your head!


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