Week 20 MKMMA… What am I pretending not to know…

Well, it’s Monday… My blog should have been done days ago… What the heck have I been waiting for?? I mean, seriously, I know the importance of completing my blogs on time, so what was the issue? Truthfully, I started slipping! After the many wonderful manifestations that have been brought about with my dedication to my services, reading and other exercises, I actually got too comfortable!! I slipped! I would interchange a myriad of ‘selective omissions’ throughout the last week and a half! Skip a scroll read, skip a SIT, skip a Master Key reading, a mastermind call… That list goes on! I AM NOT PROUD OF THAT! Then to top it off I missed the Webby! (What was I thinking planning my daughters birthday party at 2pm??)… So my epiphany for the last week is…

What an I pretending not to know??

Well, here is what I was pretending not to know…
1.) Leftover birthday cake makes a terrible breakfast!
2.) Skipping Traction points will affect my business growth!
3.) Missing a Reading of the scrolls, DMP, Press Release, Blue Print Builder etc will reflect in the intensity of what I am creating!
4.) Reading the service card, with a service that has past it’s due date, will affect how you feel about your ALWAYS keeping your promises!
5.) Doing any of the above makes you not want to check in with the ‘Gal in the Glass’!
6.) Not calling my Mastermind Partner daily is like stealing vitality from his family!

Boy, I have been truly pretending a lot recently! Well, it’s going to stop! My DMP is a service to others. So I need to shove that old blueprint back where he belongs, out of my world within… I disown you, old life sucking blueprint… Find someone else to haunt… You are not welcome here!


I am ready for my future self to merge with my current self. Giddy up!


15 thoughts on “Week 20 MKMMA… What am I pretending not to know…

  1. Jennifer, I love your blog and your persistence to keep going. We all have our moments and I have as well, but we persist until we succeed. Without the challenge and the grit we have no progress. You can do it……you will succeed!


  2. Awesome blog, love it. You have done before, remember the words we persist , persist and win. That is what you are going to do and your are back, you have found the New Blue Print… Good Luck!!


  3. As you can see none of us is without slippage Jennifer. Kudos on getting back on the horse! That’s the key. We all fall but winners keep getting up! You’ve shown yourself to be in the latter group. Great to be on the journey with you!


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