MKMMA Week 19… Becoming my Future Self? DMP unfolding

It has been a wonderful week…. Why, you ask? Well, for one, my Future Self is truly merging with my current self… My Cement Budda is definitely starting to have areas of gold showing through… The cement is chipping off, and I am feeling the wondrous effects of my dedication to my New Habits. My Definite Major Purpose (DMP) is unfolding, and my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) are being met, both Recognition for Creative Expression and Legacy are making their appearances in my life’s journey, and I have to say it is exhilarating!!

I mean, this weeks Master Key Lesson is perfect. We utilize attention, and where we direct it becomes our intention, this becomes so deeply ingrained that it creates more attention toward the intention and the cycle continues. Until you are effortlessly creating whatever you have held your attention to! As a famous Karate Instructor said.. “Focus Daniel son….” And “Look Eye”.. Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid rocks! Focus on what you are doing, where you are going, and you will ultimately get there! My focus has been on my PPNs and DMP, while being faithful to 95% of my daily mind fertilizers… SITS, reads, exercises, recordings, index card flashing and lessons. This just feels right, feels empowering to know I do not have to be a slave to my Old Blueprint and Old Peptides! I am Firing and Wiring, Baby!!

This week was a tremendous experience for Recognition for Creative Expression. I was contacted by a Representative of the Connecticut Family Support Network (CTFSN). They asked if I would be able to attend a Legislative Meet and Greet Breakfast at the State Capital Legislative Building acknowledging Parent Leaders who made a contribution to the community regarding families and individuals with Special Needs, they wanted ME to be one of the parents recognized!! I was so excited to be part of the experience… I mean, it’s only a manifestation of one of my PPNs! Yes… YES!!! I even got a letter from a Senator thanking me for my work in the community!
I am honored and Blessed to be part of this journey, with 300 other individuals dedicated to finding their true self! Happiness and Harmony is my Destination…. Oh wait, I may already be there! Peace and Love on your journey there!

P.S. A special thank you to my Mastermind Partner James Egins Jr for suggesting I blog about my Award… I wasn’t sure what to blog about this week, and he suggested it… And it is super fitting for our Lesson, that I decided I should as well! You rock James!


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