Week Seventeen-Ups and Downs, But is This What Relaxed Feels Like?

Wonderful Blog by fellow journey mate Jenny…


I seemed to not have left the momentary writer’s block when faced with my weekly blog.  Everyone’s kind, thoughtful and funny replys are making that a shorter and shorter moment.

At the beach, hearing the persistent, constant sound and ever-present power of the ocean as I type.  Vacation, and all that word conjures is happening.  Harder to keep a thread of thought, or problem-solving internal dialog going.  Feels like lots of dis-jointed thoughts and observations are being presented.  Lots of good conversations about all my opportunities, options, pros and cons, new points of view, etc.    Suspect I am doing little and long Sits all the time, watching the water allows for some of the best dis-engaging of my brain ever!  Abundance is everywhere, being shown to me in great clarity.  Is this what everyday could look and feel like if I could figure out how to leave behind the…

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