Week 17 MKMMA… Courage and my miracles…,

Anyone actually focus everyday, all day on a single virtue? Well, I am. Each week a new virtue. This past week was Courage. Last week was Kindness. It’s a wonderful exercise that Ben Franklin practiced to create certain virtues in his life.
So, courage…. Wow, this is everywhere. Big acts, little acts and within every species. This week I saw children raising their hands in classrooms, taking tests, saw a student driver in a car, watched as a parent enter a crosswalk of a busy road with her kids, engaged in a Parent Leadership training where we were each made to share a life changing moment in groups, listened while dual language individuals spoke about immigration policy’s, read about Martin Luther King to my children, watched a young boy with Cerebral Palsy take his fitness test in gym with his peers, watched my 5 year old daughter be the little daredevil I’ve come to expect… This list could go on, seems like forever. The more I focus on the virtue… The more it presents itself. Like I’ve become a courage magnet. It is a stunning experience. I cannot explain the sensations of joy and elation I feel everyday… To be seeking out the good things in each and every day.
Being so engrossed in my MKMMA experience has been life changing. I feel the shift in my being. Instead of lack and limitation, I focus on Abundance. Instead of fear, I focus on Courage. What a paradigm shift. And let me tell you…. My life has never been sweeter.

I can be what I will to be!


4 thoughts on “Week 17 MKMMA… Courage and my miracles…,

  1. Jennifer, my word for the week is Courage, and funny you write about it. I see courage but don’t notice it until I think of it. Because of your blog, I have just realized 10 more dots for my franklin tracker.
    Thank you.

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