MKMMA Week 16… Mini DMP’s

So, it’s week 16… And I am experiencing many things that can only be explained by manifesting my DMP. Kindness week has been an amazing experience. I feel like I have set into motion a little kindness revolution in my home. I have my family noticing kindness and acting on their own kindness endeavors. I have completed all kinds of random acts of kindness from putting quarters in meters along main st in my town, baking a coworker banana bread, leaving chocolates with handmade kindness labels on coworkers desks, collecting all water bottles and other bottles with return deposits and leaving them for the lady at the park who collects bottles(two whole garbage bags full) and buying a gift card at a ice cream shop and leaving it for the next customer. Everyday the random acts of kindness ideas started pouring out. I loved every second of it!

But, the one thing that stands out in my mind, the most wonderful part of the week, was something written by my 9 year old Stepdaughter. You see, she was over Wednesday night. She showed me her homework essay that she needed to complete. She sat at our desk, had to shift all my Master Keys binders, index cards, TGS over to the side. Right in front of her was my shapes and a little card given me by my Guide…. I call it all the brain fodder that yielded her masterpiece. I can’t even explain it, I just have to share it with you to read for yourself. image

And, to make it even more pertinent, within my DMP is a wonderful sentence… “My actions create a legacy for my girls through which they believe all their dreams are attainable and innately follow their bliss”. I mean, as if this wasn’t a little proof that our actions are being watched by our little ones. If it wasn’t enough for you to stay loyal to this journey to propel yourself to the next level… Think of what this journey is doing for your kids. This makes me unstoppable. How about you?


11 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 16… Mini DMP’s

  1. Awesome blog, kids do pick up a lot things we Patrice, say the way we do. your stepdaughter is writing her Dmp, learning to save & give more. I am grateful that your girls are following there dream…..So happy for you!


  2. Don’t you just LOVE IT when God give you something tangible? There is no mis-interpreting of the signs or whatever on this one. Your DMP for your daughters is happening! CELEBRATE IT DAILY, and watch it happen even faster! Love this!


  3. Loved your blog! Children are amazing and very impressionable. We need to set the right direction to start them on their positive journey. This is so wonderful…..keep it going. Very powerful!!!


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