MKMMA Week 15… A Door to Door Salesman with Cerebral Palsy, Bill Porter: What an inspiration

Loved this movie! What an inspiration!


Three years ago, after the birth of my second daughter Ruari was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, I became very passionate about changing the face of what people think about when they hear the words Down Syndrome. To this day I still get the response “Oh, I’m so sorry” when I mention she has DS. It’s as if they see her as a burden, they pity me and want to make me feel better by giving their empathy for some sort of life threatening disease. My response to them typically shocks them. “Sorry for what… She is my little world changer”. You see, I don’t put any emphasis on any of her variances from ‘typical’. We are all slightly to moderately askew. She just happens to have a genetically diagnosable difference, an extra 21st chromosome. Typically our medical professionals dwell on the negative effects of having that extra bit of DNA…

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