MKMMA Week 15… A Door to Door Salesman with Cerebral Palsy, Bill Porter: What an inspiration

Three years ago, after the birth of my second daughter Ruari was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, I became very passionate about changing the face of what people think about when they hear the words Down Syndrome. To this day I still get the response “Oh, I’m so sorry” when I mention she has DS. It’s as if they see her as a burden, they pity me and want to make me feel better by giving their empathy for some sort of life threatening disease. My response to them typically shocks them. “Sorry for what… She is my little world changer”. You see, I don’t put any emphasis on any of her variances from ‘typical’. We are all slightly to moderately askew. She just happens to have a genetically diagnosable difference, an extra 21st chromosome. Typically our medical professionals dwell on the negative effects of having that extra bit of DNA, sometimes I think more for a CYA effect (cover your a**). Then people take that information and make it part of their child’s identity. They own it, struggle with it and live everyday as a slave to their genetics. Well, our family works on a completely different wavelength. I know that we are all able to modify how our genetic code expresses itself through environment, lifestyle, food choices, water quality, personal care product choices etc. I know my little girl is destined for greatness, and I tell her that everyday. I tell her she will be an advocate, a leader and she will help many people see beyond differences. Some people may think that’s too much for a three year old to understand… But I know I’m not having that conversation with her, I’m planting seeds in her subconscious. Yup, I’m peppering her subby full of architecturally sound blueprints for her to establish her life. I love it.

Ruari's Preschool Picture
Ruari’s Preschool Picture

Then comes Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Where the final piece to my life’s journey to abundance and legacy for my girls was found. The science and evidence behind the “you are what you think” mentality. I am blown away daily by little occurrences that compound into major changes along my path to self discovery. Haanel states we are “… Clothing thoughts in the form of words…” And …” The beauty of the word consists in the beauty of the thought;…” All of which reminding me that we are what we think. If you think you are crippled, you will be. If you think you are poor, you will be. If you think you are ______, you will be ______. It’s that simple.

This brings me to our movie assignment for last week. Out of four movies, we had to choose one. Choices: Rudy, October Sky, Cool Runnings and Door To Door; I had already seem Rudy and Cool Runnings. Great movies with wonderful proof of individuals having a Definite Major a Purpose as well,as a Burning Desire. Loved them both. So I chose a movie I hadn’t seen, Door To Door- Bill Porter’s Story, After I found out a little about its main character. A man who was born with Cerebral Palsy who, despite some obvious ‘handicaps’ became a top salesman in his company. He couldn’t drive, had obvious speech characteristics, facial feature differences and his posture and gait were hunched and laborious. In spite of all these “obstacles” he persevered. His mom motivated him in the very beginning, much like a mastermind would, even tattooing his sandwich with the words “Patience” and “Persistence”.

This movie, Door to Door, embodies everything I think of when I look at individuals with any type of difference, who want to succeed. There’s that Definite Purpose, Plan of Action, Burning Desire and Mastermind Alliance which can overcome ANYTHING that life puts in your path.

Ruari… I am your biggest fan. Let your Golden Budda shine baby. You are my little world changer!

Mark Januszewski, Davine, Derek, Trish, my gorgeous guide Cassandra… I love you all for giving me that final piece to creating an EPIC life. Peace is our journey.


18 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 15… A Door to Door Salesman with Cerebral Palsy, Bill Porter: What an inspiration

  1. Simply powerful Jennifer, one of the most impactful posts I’ve read. You truly do have a “life changer” in your midst. You “rock” and I’m so happy to be connected with you in this journey!


  2. Wonderful post love reading, she is so cute princess, make sure that you never loose your inspiration. She is so lucky to have as parent. As they say you are what you think, don’t ever let anyone tell you other way! @MKMMA on our side anything is possible….


  3. Ruari is a gorgeous little dolly! (Is her hair brown or red? Looks kind of reddish in the photo – love red hair!)
    The phrase that struck me the most in your post was, “just happens to have a genetically diagnosable difference.” My husband Jerry has Marfan’s – another genetically diagnosable difference. You keep telling your little girl what she truly is instead of what the world would make her into! Jerry would have been labeled “handicapped,” “crippled,” and been limited by what people thought he should be able to do; he refused to listen to those opinions and instead found out what he COULD do.


    1. Thank you so much for reading, your reply was truly heartfelt. We must break through what the cement Buddha has for our futures. Jerry and Ruari can be what they will to be… They are not sentenced to a life governed by a diagnosable difference. Happy to be sharing this journey with you. Happiness and Harmony to you.


  4. Love when you say : “Ruary is my little world changer” and you sow in her subby that she is “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy.” And keep going to change her “old” Blueprint by a “new” one !


  5. I had a younger sibling in the same genetic place – they were, unlike the rest of the family – NEVER unhappy. Made a huge impact on my life – thank you for the reminder – and Rauri…. #BePhenomenal!!


  6. Jennifer, my mentor has a daughter that is a Downs Syndrome baby…she will be 16 this year. Her positive and I can do anything attitude is what makes her a remarkable young lady. Her parents are loving and positive like you.
    Rauri…beautiful name and I pronounced it ” Rarity”


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