MKMMA Week 14… I am one with the Universe.

This weeks a Master Key teachings have been the most powerful yet!! Haanel shares with us that ” …. the only difference between the subconscious and the Universal is one of degree. They differ only as a drop of water differs from the ocean. They are same in kind and quality, the only difference is in degree.” So every object, living or not in the world without is made up of molecules. These are broken down into atoms which are further broken down into electrons. These electrons are brought together by Mind in very distinct patterns to firm atoms. Every electron is called to action by Mind to create something, be it a rock, a drip of water, a creature or anything else that is called into our world. But every electron is exactly the same, however the many combinations of these exact electrons create endless possibilities of matter. This really made perfect sense. We all are made up of those very same electrons, atoms, molecules that are part of the Universal Mind, therefore we have the same capacity to manifest what we desire, what we believe to be our destiny.

Fun little comic

What a breakthrough for me, since it really pulled together last weeks lesson Week 13. Realizing that my makeup is exactly the same in kind and quality, only differing by degree gives me great faith in my journey with the Master Keys Experience. Seriously this stuff us mind blowing… Err, more like mind rewiring! I found this weeks readings, exercises and SIT to be so well flowing. I’m actually choosing to go to bed earlier so I can dive into my life’s work, being of service by bringing life to my future self and my Definite Major Purpose. Bring on 2015… An Epic Year!!


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