MKMMA Week 13 Best Day Of My Life!

Well, it’s Christmas. And after all of the frantic shopping, wrapping and hunting down of some interesting requests from Santa, I have to say it has been the Best Day Of My Life. My Fiancé gave me one of the most heartfelt and loving cards, my 4 year old thanked me again for taking her ice skating Tuesday saying “Mom, it was the best day of my life” and my 13 year old Stepdaughter gave me a truly amazing DIY gift of little notes that she wrote about me. I can’t even begin to describe my feelings of pure JOY that I have been experiencing. My 4 girls have been part of this wonderful journey with me and the impression I have been subtly having on them with the teachings is obvious in their words, actions and desires.



At dinner time, my 4 year old, Aine, has been requesting that each of us go around the table and say what we are grateful for that day. She loves it. Sometimes she will say things like “I am grateful for Bacon”… Which was her comment at breakfast or yesterday she said “I am grateful for my family”. With our new Assignment this week with the Gratitude index cards, I have really been able to take some everyday experiences, services and necessities that I may have otherwise taken for granted. Reading them with enthusiasm and sharing them with my kids also adds another element to combining ways of reaching my mysterious mind.

I have been having many things occurring that are aligning me with my DMP. Sometimes it’s funny. My Fiancé and I joke that I’m a sorcerer… That I’ve been conjuring up all these experiences and unexplained happenings. I often feel like I am just floating right above myself, watching everything happen. It’s surreal. It’s exhilarating. It’s the feeling that Everyday is the best day of my life…. Because, you know what… It is! Happy Christmas, Happy Holiday, or just really Happy Best Day Ever!


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