Best. SIT. Ever.

So the last weeks SIT was about believing and visualizing your ability to have anything you desire. Just trust that it is there for the taking. In my DMP there is a large aspect to do with Legacy, providing for my girls, mostly for my youngest Ruari. She is my three year old princess. You see, she has Down Syndrome, diagnosed at birth. Now I know I cannot take away her extra little chromosome, nor would I want to. She is absolutely perfect, sassy, sweet, and the most loving smiles that echo in her eyes. Did I say perfect? I cannot change her diagnosis, but as a chiropractor, innate healer and firm believer in Epigenetics I KNOW that my beliefs about her abilities and her environment plays a HUGE role in how her chromosomes manifest traits. Legacy comes into place when I think about her future, I believe she could be anything she wants to be, follow her bliss. That’s why my DMP is my most perfect gift, why it is a service for HER, and many other individuals with Down Syndrome. Since she was born, I have talked yo her, whispered in her ear as I lull her to sleep… I tell her how she will be a leader, an advocate and she will change the worlds perception of Down Syndrome.

Ruari having lunch with her Bear "Baby".
Ruari having lunch with her Bear “Baby”.

Lately, I have been incorporating my SIT with snuggling my little angel to sleep. I whisper to her about Haanel, Og and Hill. About life changing belief. About her future accomplishments, delighting in every detail. Then as she falls asleep, that’s when my real SIT begins. I harmonize our breathing, visualize our lives and most importantly, her life. I see her living in the condo we gift her, traveling to visit family all around UK and pursuing her bliss. As I feel our breathing, her warmth on my chest and the scent of her recently bathed skin I am transported to our future selves. I cry, I giggle and my whole being is uplifted by my visualizations and affirmations. It’s wondrous what I am creating for her… What I am peppering her subby with.

Best Sit Ever!!!


6 thoughts on “Best. SIT. Ever.

  1. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. Reading your post reminded me what Hill did to his son, he was re-assuring him that he is capable of everythiing! So is your sweet litlle Ruari! It is a done deal! With love, Izanna


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