Week 11 MKMMA- it’s easy to get whatever you desire…

Wow! So we are in Week 11. I cannot believe the passing of time and the extensive knowledge that I have been exposed to in regards to creating the life I desire! The experience has been liberating!

When I first began this weeks reading of the Master Keys, my eyes glazed over. Reading about scientists, polarity, inductive reasoning…. It was difficult to get through. Then as I continued to read, my interest was piqued. “Believe that ye receive, and yes hall receive” Haanel states about the Great Teacher. Or how about “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”… And lastly “the law of attraction is the law by which thought correlates with its object”. Plainly stated. You are what you think! What you desire in life, your innermost passions and possessions, they are merely thoughts away. Live as if you ARE the person you desire to be.

There’s something I always try to adhere to. Be. Do. Have. There are things we all want to HAVE. What do you have to DO to acquire them? And who do you have to BE to DO those things? Most people try to work in the reverse. They try working with the effects to change the cause. Not going to work. Those effects are merely the effects of who you are and you can only change them by changing your beliefs. You must truly believe you are the person you need to BE to create the actions you need to DO to HAVE what you desire.


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