Week 9 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Ask and you shall receive, thanks John!


I love Haanel’s suggested affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong powerful, loving harmonious and happy”! And I especially like his explanation regarding why it is so powerful, namely, that it is because it is in strict accordance with TRUTH and when TRUTH appears, every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear!

I had a light bulb moment regarding the phrase “every form of error or discord”!

I immediately began listing every form of error and discord and believe me there were many of I were to be honest. I listed every departure from my Ideal Scene – my Definite Major Purpose, every damn one!

And now with total awareness and acceptance of the Universal Mind and its qualities of ALL HEALTH, ALL SUBSTANCE and ALL LOVE, I awake and loudly and with feeling state this affirmation and go to bed the same way! And anytime during the day and…

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