MKMMA Week 8- “Seeing It All Start to Connect”

I’m all fired up with you my friend!



Assignments and homework of reading chapter of Og Mandino, weekly Master Key readings, blog posting, reading other’s blogs with commenting,noticing shapes, doing a chore/service weekly,two different affirmations writing and reading DMP & Movie Trailer, Color Charts, Movie Poster and more, it finally is starting to all connect!

Just writing that long sentence above is slightly overwhelming and the pace is increasing markedly from the initial “lay the framework” beginning weeks.  In all honesty, I can not say that I did not have moments where my “old blueprint”  wasn’t fighting back trying to get me off-track and keep me off-track.

Mark J, Davene, Trish, the rest of the staff and our guides our helping us to lead ourselves to the PROMISE LAND!  In doing so, we are training our inner subbys through these various assignments and activities.  I can definitely see how love, the no negative thoughts mental diet, service…

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