Week 8… MKMMA. Ah-ha! Thoughts-Actions-Methods-Friends-Circumstances!

So, I think by far, the most influential part of Master Keys Part 8 is this sentence. I have always believed that your thoughts controlled your future. I have always believed you were the product of your thoughts. Yet, still I struggled with… how does thought actually translate into finished product of life. Here was my Aha home not… Haanel states it in this way… “One thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to actions, action will develop methods, methods will bring about friends, and friends will bring about circumstances and, finally, the third step, Materialization, will have been accomplished”. I mean, seriously. It’s that simple?

I have been working diligently at this seven day mental diet… Oh boy. I will share with you the picture I look at or visualize everytime I have a negative or destructive thought…

The front of our house, picture taken from the local Holiday House Tour we were involved in this year to benefit GiGi's Playhouse.
The front of our house, picture taken from the local Holiday House Tour we were involved in this year to benefit GiGi’s Playhouse.

This is my picture from my press release of my front door during the holidays . Brings me right back to why I am in this course, enduring habit changes, reading daily and remaining opinion less ( most of the time).


9 thoughts on “Week 8… MKMMA. Ah-ha! Thoughts-Actions-Methods-Friends-Circumstances!

  1. Hi Jennifer, was looking forward to you weekly post and you didn’t disappoint. Love your the pic of your house! “You can be what you will to be” and therefore “You can have what you will to have”

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  2. What a happy picture! And what a great idea to post it as part of your press release. There are a ton of positive affirmations out there as well as self help courses. There’s a ton of information about the “what and why. ” I love that MKMMA gives us the “how.”

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