MKMMA Week 7- “What Does Love Got To Do With It”

Yes, James… This is awesome!!



That is the question that many of us, myself included, asked as we read the Second scroll of Og Mandino’s masterpiece “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. 

I mean, as a man,husband,father,grandfather,son and brother, I fully understood what love means in my personal and family life.

However, what in the world does love have to do with success in sales and business?

As natural a feeling and emotion that is love, this might very well be the most challenging thing I can ever imagine doing.  To love all that I encounter in life, is easier said than done.  I was raised in the Christian Church and of course, this always sounded good in theory, and on Sundays!  To actually, adopt this as a LIFESTYLE, most of us fall well short of accomplishing it.

As I am living my DHARMA in the tropical Cebu, Philippines, I will look back on these…

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