Blog Week #7 Mary Soares

I have found myself having to “Do it over now” with the opinion less challenge. Love your insight on opinions and selling.


My blog #4 was regarding opinions, saying that the world was full of opinions.  Now we have the mental Diet and staying away from negative thoughts.  Talk about a challenge.

Now, here is my opinion (Oh no not that word) the world is made up of opinions and negative thinking.  Why?  That is what sells.  The Media would go broke if they tried to only sell positive news.  Bad news sells. Even the commercials if you really listen to them can be negative.  We basically live in a negative society.

I think I have always realized this to a degree however with the MKMMA journey it has really become clear. We must guard our minds and watch who we surround ourselves with. I have some very negative friends that I now need to distance myself from.

Taking the first step to change was to apply for the MKMMA Journey, writing…

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