MKMMA week 7… Idealization

Everyone talks about visualization when it comes to creating or manifesting your future. The process of making clear mental images creating the mold by which your life’s path is created. Many do not talk about the first step of this visualization… Idealization. This is the plan on which your going to build that mental image. So before any visualization can take place, one must know what they will be creating, in its exact state, in every detail, so that a proper picture can be created to visualize.

This became clearer to me after reading this part 7 for the second time… For if you are visualizing and there are no plans behind that image, your brain cells will not be able to create that image, they do not have any of the correct parts, or where they belong. Wow… This truly opened my eyes to my true foundation. Just as an engineer would not be able to draw plans to build a bridge without proper idealization, my subconscious mind is lost on how to create my mental picture without proper mental fodder. Whoa… Dream big!


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