MKMMA Week 6- Strange Dreams

Absolutely… I have been having interesting dreams also.


I am wondering if others have had some strange dreams while poking around the ‘subby’? I recently had a dream about two separate times/moments in my life. I am beginning to understand the powerful and somewhat random collision of events our subconscious can create. Not really sure if the combo is random or if there is a link I have not  discovered. I do know this much, it is not coincidental I had this dream. Nothing else, I realize the unlimited storage capacity and the ability to retrieve information from incidents 50+ years ago.

Earlier in this course Mark J illustrated a remarkable point about our subby. If you see a movie and then watch the trailer, you will spot anything out of order. A scene not in the movie.  Dialog intermingled. Its true. I do that all the time.  Since our subby does not distinguish between true or false…

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