Week 6… I love you.

So this week I have been immersed in LOVE. Everywhere I go, I have been inwardly acknowledging my love for all mankind with every encounter. It actually makes me feel lighter, and more clear than ever.

I will greet each day with love… I will react with love… I will be a beacon of love…

This afternoon I drove to a conference for families of individuals with Down Syndrome. The gorgeous beach setting and quaint village shops create such a wholesome dreamlike state. For my sit this evening I focused on one specific place during my visit. I could picture the distinct colors of the trees. The scent of the crisp New England air. The sound of the water lapping against the shoreline. I sat for a while just focusing on each sensation and how they felt. I completely absorbed everything. A few hours later, back in the hotel room, I was reflecting during my sit. I could reproduce everything, in that setting like I was there. The full picture would come into focus and then begin to blur. I was able to see the picture in fill focus about 10 times during the 15minutes. The remainder of the time I could see clips of the picture, little fragments.

I know that with consistent concentration, my ability to visualize my setting will become longer and more detailed. So specific that I could reach out and grab it. Once I master this exercise I will be able to visualize my DMP and PPNs. This will further imbed into my subconscious mind it’s reality. I am ready for this reality. I will earnestly desire it, assert my claim and take possession.


6 thoughts on “Week 6… I love you.

  1. I have really enjoyed the practice of saying “I love you” inwardly as I see and contact people. Cool post and good job on the sits


  2. I really appreciated your description of your sit and how you coupled it with the visualizing of the water setting later. I had been using family pictures, but reproducing situations that produced strong feelings, not just visual images was an excellent idea that I feel I could use to transfer to my DMP and PPN! Thanks!


  3. You are doing great with lessons from scroll two of Og’s Greatest Salesman. Thanks for setting the pace for some of us like myself who need to step up things regarding “love’ for all I encounter.


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