Week 5 – I’m so opinionated !!

Yup, that about sums it up. Thanks Jason.


pionon picture o

Ok … so for all the “REDS” out there, you are going to understand what I’m saying … all the BLUES (Nurturing, caring with all your stinking “feelings” ) will think I’m nuts.  But quite frankly this “NO OPINION”  thing has been really hard!!!

For one thing the world moves too slow.  everyone makes decisions too slow, they drive too slow, they talk to slow.  If we just cut they crap and listened when I gave my opinion then the world would be a better place.  Its not about me mind you, its just that I know whats best for everyone and I have your best interest at heart.  I genuinely want things to go better for you, which they would if you just listened to me.   🙂

Ok … Maybe that was a bit too much, but that is whats happening inside the mind of a 65.6% RED.  Thank…

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2 thoughts on “Week 5 – I’m so opinionated !!

  1. Very funny post! Hmmm. I am supposed to be a blue, and I see elements of that for sure, but I also have a ton of opinions and I frequently offer unsolicited–but quite fabulous–advice. Technically, the fabulousness of my advice might be considered an opinion. Unless, of course, you’ve been the recipient of my advice, in which case its fabulousness is pretty much a fact 🙂 The hardest part for me are all the opinions that pop into my head. It’s especially hard to keep positive opinions to myself, but that might be the blue in me. Thanks for the fun post!


    1. Glad you found value in it. My mind races all day with opinions too. I even had a friend call, asking for my opinion and she said “But you’re my expert in this situation”. It’s getting more fun, now that I’ve started really holding back. Enjoy this journey.


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