Week 5 MKMMA. Everything I said is an opinion….

Mucho opinions. It’s like they are the only thing I say….

My mornings with a 3 year old and a 4.5 year old is full of kiddie distractions… And loads of opinions… Here’s a sample…

Me: Aine (my 4.5 year old daughter) let’s brush our teeth.
Aine: I’m dressing my doll.
Me: We need to finish getting ready for school. So let’s brush our teeth.
Aine: I’m almost done dressing my doll.
Me: Aine, we need to brush our teeth. We don’t want to go to school without brushing our teeth, our teeth will look dirty, our breath may smell funny, we could get cavities…..

You can substitute ‘brushing your teeth’ with many other scenarios of what she would ‘need’ to do in a day… Put on your clothes, your shoes, brush your hair, take a bath, eat your breakfast, put your coat on, make your bed, wash your hands, hold my hand,

And with each task ‘we need to do’ to get out of the house comes with another distraction ‘dressing my doll’ could be any number of other more fun explorative activity from my kiddos, other than the task at hand that ‘needs to get done’.

Working on creating reasons for doing these needed activities without asserting my opinion…. Although, after much thought, maybe the whole ‘need to brush our teeth’ is in itself an opinion!

So… How do I get seemingly everyday needed activities done without using an opinion… I guess my daughter could just run around the house in her underoos, with yellowing teeth and a hair do that looks more like a don’t. Afterall, it is my opinion that she needs to get dressed, right? And I share that opinion with hundreds of thousands of other moms/dads. Hmmm.


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