Week 4… I can be what I will to be!

I have to say, this little phrase… These 8 words… Have been a huge part of my week. I have repeated them during Spin class, Yoga, prior to any important meetings and phone calls, doing my services, and just about anywhere I come to think of it. I have said it, rotating the words that I emphasize, and will a huge darn smile on my face! I whisper it into my 3 year olds daughters ear just before bed and have said it numerous times to my 4.5 year old daughter, Aine. I even drop it into conversation with other people, very matter of fact, weaving it into the topic.

Another huge part of my week…. Blue Rectangles are EVERYWHERE! It’s like I see them all the time! Yep, I just looked up from this very post, and there was one right in front of me. I have to admit, however I don’t see many yellow squares yet… ( unless I count the traffic signs that are oriented as diamonds, or rotated squares). Mostly blue rectangles and red circles. Heightened awareness of these little colors and shapes is definitely permeating my mind.

Ultimately, I am having a blast… Celebrating my victories over services, complimenting everyone I connect with, feeding my subby with thoughts and beliefs about my new blueprint, masterminding with my awesome Guide about my DMP, being enthusiastic about my PPNs and keeping my promises.

You could say I am all in, roll on week 5!!


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