Week 3 habits forming… Instantly reach for TGS when I wake up… :)

This week went by super fast! I have to admit the reading has become almost second nature. I bring my MKMMA binder, BPB, TGS, chore cards and DMP everywhere I go. It is a major priority for me and every morning I plan out the times I will be reading each and where. I can already feel this sensation of lifting from my shoulders, clarity to my head and confidence in my life’s path. Still working on clearing my mind during the sit… Find myself counting my breaths in and out so thoughts won’t pop into my head, but then, is that a “thought”… Or I start to think about my manifested life. The conscious relaxation of every muscle and nerve has actually caused some involuntary muscle twitching, or is it my subby causing voluntary twitching that my conscious mind is acting on… Hmmm….

Working on making my DMP SMART… I’m having a bit of a block. I feel like it’s pretty powerful at its current state, however I know I want it to be a perfect reflection of what I see so that my subby can send its workers in to start building (Mental picture of my subby with a hard hat, pointing to my DMP on a map and delegating work to that Solar Plexus… Radiating positive purposeful energy).

Last night my 4.5 year old daughter asked me why I read that book every morning and night (TGS). I explained to her how important that little book is for our family. Then she asked me to read it to her for her bedtime story. She fell asleep while I read Scroll Marked I. Imagine what that little girls subby is doing with that swirling around in her head as she falls asleep! That rocks! Here’s to my journey…. Which has become my family’s journey.


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