So, I am reflecting on my previous two weeks of study and life direction. I have felt very comfortable with the daily reading, love the 15 minute sit and can control my thoughts for minutes at a time. I have experienced many moments where I have seen where my subby has begun to shift. I have also noticed times where I have anticipated difficulty when meeting up with some people and it seemed that something must’ve created ease before the meeting. It’s been interesting…

I have been having some difficulty wrapping my head around this blogging… I feel like I don’t have much to share, or that my experience is personal so I wouldn’t want to broadcast it… I will work through it… I must work through it… My Purpose and my Family are too important for me to not complete this growth process. I always keep my promises. Jennifer Netter.


7 thoughts on “Week2

  1. Hey Jennifer. Great job on getting your blog post up. I have blogged for a long time and have struggled with privacy as well as about what to say. Just keep sharing what you feel comfortable with and nothing more. As people encourage you and you read other blogs you will come into your own with it. Great job

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  2. Hi Jennifer, you’re doing great for a new blogger 🙂 I came to a point where the ‘personal’ is often the most profound thing I can share. I’m going all out so it’s just what comes to mind and what moves me about the new weekly info/webcast…. it’s not a competition with the blog thing. I love reading them and when you look at the blogs you most enjoy, ask yourself, what is it about this blog that makes it so enjoyable? Loving the journey ❤


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