MKMMA Week 26… Decisions, decisions…

So, you are probably wondering, what did I decide to do about my conflict of thoughts from last week. Which path did I choose? It took some thought, some intense sitting involving my DMP and some conversation with my Fiancé. The issue that I needed some universal guidance with was whether I should begin taking over our two family and convert back into a single family home.

When one of our tenants upstairs let us know he would be moving out, we thought OK, here’s our chance to begin taking over, and let the other tenants know our plans for the house.

Here is the reasoning in SUPPORT of takeover now… You see we are a family of four most days and a family of six when my stepdaughters are with us.  Our plans to take over the house would convert our space we live in from a three bedroom (the kids bedrooms are adjoined so there’s not a lot of privacy) into a five bedroom and we would double our square footage of living space. Having our older two (a 14 year old and a 10 year old) they don’t always want to be in the mix of toys and nuttiness involved in our 5 and 3.5 year old. This lack of privacy has effected our time with the older girls since there are weekends they would be scheduled to be with us, however they want a peaceful weekend and their mom will let them choose to stay with her.

And that brings us to the reasoning AGAINST taking over now… When Darren and began our little family, I was still a practicing Chiropractor, and was making a good living. The hours were not really conducive to raising a young family and my previous boss had created a situation which I had to discontinue working there. And then the birth of my youngest, Ruari, who has Down Symdrome. At that point I was home with my youngest full time, navigating the world of having a baby with special needs needing 8 services a week, and keeping up with a very active toddler. We accrued HUGE debt and fell behind during those 3 years of transition. This past September both girls were accepted into Montessori, and began full time schooling. With the help of my intense sitting, dedication to my MKMMA exercises and reads, I was offered a position in my current field of Special Education, a journey in a new Career field that I became intensely passionate about. We are currently working our way out of the financial situation we are in and taking over the house would be a decrease of $1900 a month.

My Definite Major Purpose states “By December 1, 2016, we covert Stone Street back into a single family for ourselves to live… YAY SPACE”. After digesting our reasons and the words in my DMP, we decided to rent again, for a one year term, utilize the income to continue to pay down our debt and financial obligations and put ourselves in a position to be ready for the conversion next summer (summer 2016).. Still well within our DMPs time frame.

I want to thank my MKMMA alliances, and I am grateful for this wonderful beginning on a journey of creating my future self. I have the ability to Create that which I DESIRE. To have a roadmap to getting there (My DMP) and have the knowledge of HOW to get there using the skills taught to use during this journey.

How much lighter I feel day to day, as the pressures of the world do not rest on my shoulders. No feelings of lack, poverty, failure, self-doubt, illness or despair. All substituted with feelings of Abundance, Success, Power, Health, and Privilege as practiced with the law of Substitution. Knowing that I control my future, it’s not left up to a whim, or a predetermined path. It’s my life and I’m going to ROCK it!!!

MKMMA Week 23…. Scared of my DMP!

Did I say scared??  Yes, I did!  This is frightening!  As my life’s Purpose really starts to unfold and things that I want to happen begin to occur, I am feeling that old blueprint tugging me back into the old life.  Telling me I can’t live that life…  That I am not capable of affording it… Ugh, SHUT UP!  So I rely on My affirmations… My Recordings… My Scrolls.  I remind myself of Haanel and Lesson 10.  Nature is abundant, lavish, wasteful.  That I need to Take Possesion of my Castle.  Assert my claim.  Remember that the things I seek will seek me.

These things all started to become obvious the other day.  You see, part of my DMP was to be able to convert our two family back into a one family, so that our family could spread out and have some more space.  Well, one of our 3 tenants came to us to let us know he was moving out.  Instantly I felt like our purpose was truly unfolding.  But wait… (Cue creepy music). My old blueprint is lurking in the shadows… Filling my head with ‘What ifs’… What if we can’t afford losing the rental income, what if one of us loses our jobs…  ‘What if, what if, what if???  Then I remember that what I think about grows… And what I ignore atrophies.  Cue my musical recordings, my blueprint builder, seven laws, scrolls.


So what is my choice?  Follow through on my DMP?  Keep my promises?  What am I pretending not to know?  What would the person I intend to become do now?  I think it’s getting late… Time for my nightly readings and a good nights sleep.  Will reframe myself in the am.  Thanks for listening.  Good night to all, and may you have visions of your future self dancing in your head!

MKMMA Week 23… Self Directed surprises…

Self Direction….  What does that mean to you?  Well to me it means to actually be able to tell myself not to eat that Girl Scout cookie that seems to be calling my name.  To be able to choose for myself, regardless of requirements, to continue to wake up at 5 am and do my Master Key readings and my SIT.  I decide to persist and succeed or succumb to the ease of skipping a read here and there.  (Shut up old Blueprint!!!).


Well this week I was self directed…  And there were some really good days, and there were some days that just sort of flew by and I skipped a scroll read, mastermind call, lost my accountability partners number ( it’s still in my favorites list, I just didn’t call it… Thought about it a bunch of times, but then something redirected my thoughts… Typically in my house it’s a crying baby, or a shouty preschooler).  Then were the days I did multiple SITS,  days where I was very efficient scheduling in my exercises and reads during super busy days, days I wrote out many gratitude, achievement and kindness cards and flashed at least a pile a day (I must have 1,000 cards at this point).

This is brings me to my concern.  What do I do once most of the ‘requirements’ are over…. This course is quickly coming to a juncture, a merge from accountability and fidelity of the coursework to a journey of self direction.  I am upset but excited, the mood is bittersweet.  A chance to leave the comfort of the nest.  To try out my wings and fly on my own.  To prove to myself ‘I can be what I will to be’.  To love my future self, to meet with her and check in.  Although there are some parts of me that just likes to resist things I know I’m supposed to do, or required to do.  It’s a quirk I have been working on addressing… Because, seriously, what I am not doing is only negatively affecting my manifestations.  Duhhh.

So I continue to move forward, to chip cement off this Buddha of mine.  To embrace self direction, because it is the only way to achieving my own personal bliss.

MKMMA Week 21… Just SITting around!




So, week 21… And I have been SITting around a lot lately. Typically I wake up early in the morning to do my Master Keys audio + read and SIT first thing in the morning. It gives me great clarity and starts my day off with a feeling of tremendous positivity. I focus first on the Master Key suggestion for my SIT, visualize my future self, send healing positive white light to my friends and family in need, my virtue for the week and whatever I feel like gaining insight on for the day ahead. I don’t know how I ever got up in the morning without this routine.

There’s only one PROBLEM… Since my main SIT is done so early, (5am to be exact) I find myself CRAVING more SITting. So I steal away into the silence to bless myself with more. In my parked car before school, in the shower, and yes, even in the bathroom! I’m like a SITting junkie. What a wonderful addiction to have.

If there is anything you desire in life… Take the thoughts into the SILENCE with you. Sprinkle those thoughts with BELIEF, Hold your thought and concentrate on it in all it’s spectacular details. Be that person you see in that thought. The situations will eventually arise for that thought to be brought into manifestation.

As Haanel states in Part 20:18, “Inspiration comes from Within. The Silence is necessary, the senses must be stilled, the muscles relaxed, repose cultivated. When you have this come into possession of a sense of poise and power you will be ready to receive the information or inspiration or wisdom which may be necessary for the development of your purpose.”

Also in Part 21:28 “Realize that the silence offers an ever available and almost unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest conception of truth.”

So, Find some Silence. Breathe slow and Deep. Relax everything. Affix your mind to your purpose. And let the power from within build your ultimate Passion. Enjoy. This is the ride of your life.

Be blessed with Happiness and Harmony.

Week 20 MKMMA… What am I pretending not to know…

Well, it’s Monday… My blog should have been done days ago… What the heck have I been waiting for?? I mean, seriously, I know the importance of completing my blogs on time, so what was the issue? Truthfully, I started slipping! After the many wonderful manifestations that have been brought about with my dedication to my services, reading and other exercises, I actually got too comfortable!! I slipped! I would interchange a myriad of ‘selective omissions’ throughout the last week and a half! Skip a scroll read, skip a SIT, skip a Master Key reading, a mastermind call… That list goes on! I AM NOT PROUD OF THAT! Then to top it off I missed the Webby! (What was I thinking planning my daughters birthday party at 2pm??)… So my epiphany for the last week is…

What an I pretending not to know??

Well, here is what I was pretending not to know…
1.) Leftover birthday cake makes a terrible breakfast!
2.) Skipping Traction points will affect my business growth!
3.) Missing a Reading of the scrolls, DMP, Press Release, Blue Print Builder etc will reflect in the intensity of what I am creating!
4.) Reading the service card, with a service that has past it’s due date, will affect how you feel about your ALWAYS keeping your promises!
5.) Doing any of the above makes you not want to check in with the ‘Gal in the Glass’!
6.) Not calling my Mastermind Partner daily is like stealing vitality from his family!

Boy, I have been truly pretending a lot recently! Well, it’s going to stop! My DMP is a service to others. So I need to shove that old blueprint back where he belongs, out of my world within… I disown you, old life sucking blueprint… Find someone else to haunt… You are not welcome here!


I am ready for my future self to merge with my current self. Giddy up!

MKMMA Week 19… Becoming my Future Self? DMP unfolding

It has been a wonderful week…. Why, you ask? Well, for one, my Future Self is truly merging with my current self… My Cement Budda is definitely starting to have areas of gold showing through… The cement is chipping off, and I am feeling the wondrous effects of my dedication to my New Habits. My Definite Major Purpose (DMP) is unfolding, and my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) are being met, both Recognition for Creative Expression and Legacy are making their appearances in my life’s journey, and I have to say it is exhilarating!!

I mean, this weeks Master Key Lesson is perfect. We utilize attention, and where we direct it becomes our intention, this becomes so deeply ingrained that it creates more attention toward the intention and the cycle continues. Until you are effortlessly creating whatever you have held your attention to! As a famous Karate Instructor said.. “Focus Daniel son….” And “Look Eye”.. Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid rocks! Focus on what you are doing, where you are going, and you will ultimately get there! My focus has been on my PPNs and DMP, while being faithful to 95% of my daily mind fertilizers… SITS, reads, exercises, recordings, index card flashing and lessons. This just feels right, feels empowering to know I do not have to be a slave to my Old Blueprint and Old Peptides! I am Firing and Wiring, Baby!!

This week was a tremendous experience for Recognition for Creative Expression. I was contacted by a Representative of the Connecticut Family Support Network (CTFSN). They asked if I would be able to attend a Legislative Meet and Greet Breakfast at the State Capital Legislative Building acknowledging Parent Leaders who made a contribution to the community regarding families and individuals with Special Needs, they wanted ME to be one of the parents recognized!! I was so excited to be part of the experience… I mean, it’s only a manifestation of one of my PPNs! Yes… YES!!! I even got a letter from a Senator thanking me for my work in the community!
I am honored and Blessed to be part of this journey, with 300 other individuals dedicated to finding their true self! Happiness and Harmony is my Destination…. Oh wait, I may already be there! Peace and Love on your journey there!

P.S. A special thank you to my Mastermind Partner James Egins Jr for suggesting I blog about my Award… I wasn’t sure what to blog about this week, and he suggested it… And it is super fitting for our Lesson, that I decided I should as well! You rock James!

MKMMA Week 18… Or is it 17 again. I am changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly…

So, it’s week 18…. Although we are really in a flex week, where we revisit some of the old Master Key Lessons. So technically we are in Week 17 again. A taste of what our days will be like once our journey throughout the directed portion of our self discovery takes a break. We are left to chose which Master a Keys Lesson to read for part of the week. A visit into Week 10, my personal favorite. Nature is lavish, bountiful, abundant, wasteful. It is ever creating and recreating without fear of running out of the materials needed to build/create. Just progressing, having no doubt that all the materials for growth will be exactly where they need to be when the time comes that they are needed. It’s a beautiful recognition, to stop and think about this premise, there is not lack, only abundance; there is no fear, only courage… It’s shell shocking. This lesson was a turning point within me, one in which I realized I had become aware of a truth that I could not deny, one that had to work for all of us if we chose to apply these simple laws to our own lives.
Things from Week 10 forward started to shift. A mere 8 weeks ago my hubby and I were seeking positions within fields we were passionate about. Shortly after I put out energy for this position both Darren and I secured those positions and are currently working in them on a daily basis. I was asked to be recognized as a Parent leader in the community for individuals with Disabilities at the CT legislative Capital Building (yes, one of my PPNs is Recognition for Creative Expression). I chaired an event bringing $67,000 to GiGi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Achievement Center which is near and dear to our hearts. I was accepted into a Parent Leader Training Institute program. Our Part-Time Network Marketing business has been thriving and our children have been participating in many of my MKMMA routines. This is only the beginning of many blessings to come.
And with all the blessings come a great amount of giving…. PIF amounts increasing with my progression and belief levels, random acts of kindness flowing from me like second nature from doing little things for colleagues and family members to paying tolls, meters and coffees for individuals to come after me; including my Mastermind Tribes one sentence DMPs in my flash cards, and affirming ‘I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy’ during my SITS for individuals that need some positive energy flowing their way.

This lifestyle of reading, blogging, flashing cards, mind gyming, acknowledging virtues, giving and accepting gifts, shape sighting and other blueprint transforming activities is an absolute must to achieve your dreams…. And let me tell you, once you get a tiny taste of the possibilities, you find every excuse to steal away to your place, and enjoy your MKMMA habits… Because you start to understand much creates more… And you begin almost instigating your subby constantly with thoughts to manifest your every desire. This has become an addiction or obsession to service. Servant to the process and to your tribe. I am going to the top and I’m bringing anyone else who wants to join me! There is plenty of room up there for all of us, and I can’t wait to high five everyone when we make it.

Happiness and Harmony to all! Xxx